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Oriental Elixir Omakase Cocktails

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Oriental Elixir finally has a drinks menu and they came up with the top 7 of the crowd's favourite.

Open your door to the world of cocktails with the sleek bottled cocktail menu from Oriental Elixir. This 7 course cocktail experience will bring you through the week with 'Monday' to 'Sunday'. Inspired by crowd favourites, Oriental Elixir combines local flavours and ingredients to create beautifully crafted cocktails.

Consumption and Storage

The cocktails arrive chilled and are ready to drink. You can store them inside the fridge for up to one week although we would suggest consuming them immediately.

Just pour into a glass over ice and enjoy.

Each serving has an honest 45ml of Gin as a base, so enjoy responsibly!

The Menu


Toasted Coconut Gin - Salted Gula Melaka - Dapper Coffee Espresso - AER

Indulge in the smooth, rich flavour of this delightful espresso martini twist while enjoying the delicate, nutty aroma of coconut. This cocktail is a well−balanced mixture for any night or special occasion.


Chrysanthemum Gin - Butterfly Pea Gin - House Dry Vermouth - Coconut Water - Lavender Bitters - Lemon Twist

Tuesday is an elevated take on a classic martini. Butterfly Pea Flower Gin, vermouth and coconut water combine with lavender bitters and lemon to create a balanced floral cocktail specially designed to complement the chrysanthemum gin.


Cinnamon Gin - Fizzicle's Kombucha - AER - Ice Cream Soda - Biscoff

There are cocktails, and there are craft cocktails... and then there is Biscoff Highball. Wednesday is a sweet and creamy cocktail made with cunningly crafted ingredients. Cinnamon gin, biscoff syrup, and it's topped with Kombucha for the perfect effervescence!


Thai Tea Gin - Matcha - Fresh Lemon Juice

Let the aromas and flavours of this cocktail envelope you as you sip. The slight bitterness of the lemon and the warmth of the Thai tea-infused gin will awaken all your senses.


Durian Gin - Campari - Rosso vermouth

A cocktail for the adventurous and seasoned drinker. Friday features Gin infused with durian. This rare and exotic fruit from Southeast Asia has an intensely fragrant custard-like flavour, and combines beautifully with the bitterness of Campari. 


Peanut Butter gin - Pandan gin -Salted Gula Melaka - Candied Ginger

Inspired by the Chinese desert, Tang Yuan. Peanut butter gin is paired with pandan gin for a desserty nutty flavour, with a finale of salty gula melaka and sweet candied ginger.


Shimeiji Mushroom Gin - Mala Gin - Black Pepper Syrup - Fresh Lemon Juice - Clarified Tomato Juice - Salt & Pepper Rim

A twist on the classic bloody mary ,Sunday uses Umami Shitake Mushroom Gin (made with actual shitake mushrooms) and then balance it out with black peppercorn syrup, fresh lemon juice, and clarified tomato juice. This delicious drink is salty and spicy with a hint of umami that you won't be able to put down.

Notes on Ordering

  • You can also order for a particular day, just leave us a note.
  • A bartender from Oriental Elixir will contact you if you choose the 3,5,7 Course Option.