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Zoom Cocktail Masterclass

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The team at Spiffy Dapper is bringing their cocktail masterclasses into your living room. Make great cocktails at home and impress your friends and colleagues!

The team will dial in via Zoom, so expect good banter and get answers to all the questions you may have.

How does the masterclass work?

    • Prepared ingredients for each cocktail are 
  • delivered straight to your doorstep: booze, garnishes, tools and a recipe book.
  • We dial into a Zoom call with you guys. 
  • We go over a bit of history and the science behind each cocktail.
  • You get detailed instructions on how to make the drinks. 
  • As you enjoy your drinks, you can ask all the questions you have about cocktails. 
  • Our bartenders will also give you extra information on how you can create your own cocktails at home. 

We are flexible on timings & delivery addresses.

Timings are flexible, so you can figure out a time with your friends and we can hold the session at your convenience. 

We can send more than one kit to a single location and we can deliver the kits to multiple locations.


So get with your friends and let's have a party. 

Please note that all the guests in a session must be using the same kit so that the masterclass can proceed smoothly.


What are the 4 different kits?

Old Fashioned & Negroni Kit

For mastering the most important classic stirred drinks: Old Fashioned & Negroni. Craft Bourbon and Gin, with vermouth, sugar, and bitters, complete the drinks along with maraschino cherries and oranges for garnishing.

Martini & Manhattan Kit

For mastering the most important classic gin-based stirred drinks: Martini & Manhattan. The kit includes craft gin, along with craft vermouths and amaro to make the cocktails. You will also get gourmet Italian olives and oranges for garnishing.

Margarita & Daiquiri Cocktail Kit

For learning about the Daiquiri and the Margarita — the first shaken drinks that you need to master. The kit includes a portion each of craft tequila and rum, along with fresh juices, liqueurs and syrups to make the cocktails. You will also get a set of custom salts and fruits for garnishing.

Whiskey Sour & Clover Club Cocktail Kit

For learning about The Whisky Sour and The Clover Club. These are shaken drinks that take your shaking skills to the next level. The kit includes a portion each of craft gin and bourbon, along with fresh juices, liqueurs, and syrups to make the cocktails. You will also get fruits and herbs for garnishing.

Who will be conducting the masterclass?

The primary instructor will be Anthony Zayat, the head bartender of Spiffy Dapper. He prefers a more laid back approach. You can also opt to have your session with Vojta Bazant, whose last gig was heading the bar program at Bread Street Kitchen for Gordon Ramsay. He prefers a more technical and refined approach.

Any minimum purchases?

There's a minimum of 10 kits per order with a minimum of 2 week notice in advance.

How can I make more cocktails at home?

You can opt to purchase an advanced kit along with your masterclass (choose from the product options above). The kit will allow you to create about 15 different cocktails.