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Craft Gin & Tonics To Go

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From the OG gin bar in Singapore. Discover some of The Spiffy Dapper's favourite Gin & Tonic combinations from the comfort of your home.

In each bottle, you'll find a proper pour of a captivating gin with a matching good quality tonic and garnish inside the bottle.

The garnishes will release some of its flavour en-route and you can enjoy a unique Gin & Tonic experience. Just pour on ice and indulge in the refined aromatic pairings.

Consumption and Storage

The cocktails arrive chilled and are ready to drink. You can store them inside the fridge for up to one week although we would suggest consuming them immediately.

Just pour into a glass over ice and enjoy.

Each serving has an honest 45ml of Gin as a base, so enjoy responsibly!

The Menu

Gin Mare - Mediterranean tonic - Rosemary, Olives

A herbaceous, incredibly refreshing and almost savoury combination that will instantly transport you to the Mediterranean coast.

Martin Miller - Yuzu Tonic - Cucumber, Black Pepper

The bright sting of an ice clear gin with tangy yuzu and a black pepper spice. All time favourite of ours without a doubt.

St. George Dry Rye Gin - Grapefruit tonic - Grapefruit Peel, Hibiscus

This powerful combination of a rye gin with the grapefruit bitterness and hibiscus warmth will definitely surprise you. It did surprise us and we loved it.

Oriental Elixir's Chrysanthemum gin - Burma tonic - Lemon peel, Chrysanthemum

The chrysanthemum and lemon create a feeling of high summer that is definitely worth trying. Try it.
The gin is made by your favourite experimental bar on Haji Lane: Oriental Elixir

Oriental Elixir's Pandan Gin - Burma tonic - Lemongrass, Ginger

Another Oriental Elixir best selling and crowd's choice - the Pandan. We pair it with an Asia inspired tonic and a bite of ginger and lemongrass for the ultimate Shiok feeling.

Tanglin Singapore Gin - Old World - Pineapple, Thai Basil Leaves

Singapore's very own gin with chili and mandarin orange notes perfectly complemented by the fresh and intriguing combination of pineapple and basil leaves.

Tanglin Orchid - Mediterranean Tonic - Orange Peel, Cinnamon Stick

The Singapore's first gin works best when it's flavour is enhanced with some fresh citrus and spice. This is the official recommended G&T pairing from the distiller and we certainly have no objections.

Roku Gin - Yuzu Tonic - Ginger, Lemon Peel

Zesty combo of the Japanese roku gin and lemon peels empowered by fresh ginger. Surely a hit in any weather.