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Hello! I just wanted to thank you guys for the really lovely, and most importantly, strong ass drinks that you sent to the birthday girl yesterday! It really made her (and our) night.


Had a Super fun time at the masterclass!

Now I have some useful skills under my belt which will make the circuit breaker easier to get through 😀

Madhuri Agrawal

Vojta held a great informative session that talked both about how to balance a cocktail and gave us the backstory of how our drinks came to be, and why the drinks work.

Björn Andersson

Had a super informative Masterclass with Anthony this afternoon. Highly recommended!


I bought this experience as a birthday gift to my friend. He enjoyed it very much and had a great time!


Ordered for 3 couples to do together over zoom - really fun! Might do another!

Laura Rutland