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Large Format Cocktails That Nobody Asked For

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Life is short and so are some appendages. But that has not stopped Man from climbing Everest and cycling to East Coast. 

The folks at Spiffy Dapper are used to doing great and amazing things. They recently listed as the 49th best bar in Amoy Street in a survey conducted by the globally acclaimed Amoy 50 Best organisation. 

They have also been acclaimed for the fantastic work done in cleaning up Bar Chiller 3 of all the beers inside it. 

And to celebrate this fantastic achievement, they have released some booze in large bottles that you definitely will not finish and it will be forgotten as time goes and you will only realise how you have forgotten about this after 5 years 6 months and 3 days, but by then you will have gone full eat-pray-love and you do not drink booze anymore.  

The Booze Comes in Three Sizes

  • Silius Soddus- The tiny one, only 700ml in volume. 

  • Biggus Dickus - Full on BDE with a total volume of 1,900ml

  • Naughtius Maximus - The biggest and the baddest with a volume of 3,000ml

Here are Your Cocktail Options

  • Hopped Grapefruit Negroni

  • Elderflower Martinez

  • Spiced Black Lemon Manhattan

No Connection to 'Life of Brian' AT ALL.

Certain individuals have remarked the similarity between the names of the cocktails and a certain movie called "Life of Brian". These similarities are purely coincidental. So is the similarity between the movie poster and the label of the drinks.  

Disclaimer: The copy is satire, but the drinks are real.