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Oriental Elixir Mystery Discovery Flight (Set of 7 Gins)

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The folks from Oriental Elixir have selected seven gin infusions for you to explore. From superb, juniper-led spirits, to sophisticated pink tipples, and zesty citrus-led favourites from the bar; there’s something here to delight and expand every palate.

So whether you’re looking to explore some delicious new spirits you’ve not tasted before or searching for the perfect gift for your loved one’s care package, this mystery collection guarantees the perfect night-in for those experiencing it. 

What Kind of Flavours are you Expecting?

Oriental Elixir is known for crazy infusions. From Ulam Rajah and Rosemary to Chilli Crab and Blue Cheese. And you get the option to choose how crazy the infusions are. 

  • Take it easy, no need to try so hard.
  • Impress me, but no animal products, please. 
  • Send me the weirdest stuff in your arsenal. 

If you have no dietary issues, we recommend that you go for the last option. You will not forget it. 

What is the Best Way to Explore?

The seven selected gins are full on the nose and gentle on the palate. These gins work well in cocktails and in G&Ts. We recommend a ratio of 1 part Gin to 2 parts Tonic Water.

There are a fair bit of botanicals in the gin so we recommend that you use fresh herbs, like mint or a slice of orange for garnish.

Optional Cocktail Kit + Masterclass

You also have the option to add on a cocktail kit with a masterclass. This kit includes ingredients for up to 10 cocktails. The ingredients will stay true to Oriental Elixir — weird but some kind of wonderful. You will get the ingredients along with the tools in a kit. Then you can get a Zoom call with the bartenders to learn about the ingredients and how to use them.

The kit includes ingredients for the following style of cocktails. 

  • 2 x Martini Style
  • 2 x Negroni Style
  • 6 x Sour Style


Optional Tonic Waters

We have the option to add a mixed-pack of craft tonic waters to experiment with. These tonic waters have been chosen for the unique perspectives each can offer when paired with the gin.

  • Fever-Tree Indian Tonic

  • Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic

  • East Imperial Old World Tonic

  • East Imperial Burma Tonic

  • East Imperial Yuzu Tonic

  • London Essence Grapefruit & Rosemary 

Package Details

Gin Bottles: 7 Bottles- 75ml Each

ABV: 40%- 42%