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Spiffy Dapper's Bottled Cocktails

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The best of The Spiffy Dapper is now available at home. Made with no shortcuts and with the same spirits, house-made syrups and tinctures.

The team has clarified the lime, lemon and grapefruit juices so that the cocktails will last a week in the fridge. 

The drinks that usually have egg whites are mixed with AER instead, which is vegan and gives you the same texture while making sure the cocktails are safe to consume. 

Consumption and Storage

  • The cocktails arrive chilled and are ready to drink. You can store them inside the fridge for up to one week. 

  • For the drinks served in 90ml portions, just pour into a glass and enjoy.

  • For the drinks that arrive as 150ml portions and above, give the bottle a vigorous shake before pouring into your favourite glass. 

The Menu

Joe Giggle Water (Single Serve - 150ml) 

Espresso martini on steroids. It involves using espresso along with rum that is cold brewed with coffee, and a touch of brown sugar. Drink with caution.

Bell Bottom Bimbo (Single Serve - 170ml) 

Long and strong and full of it. House-blend tiki rum with house banana rum and the famous ginger brew along with other bits and bobs.   

Sheik on the Level (Single Serve - 150ml) 

The OG of spiffy cocktails, black tea gin with cardamom and citrus. This cocktail is made with AER. Shake the bottle vigorously before serving.  

Lollapalooza (Single Serve - 170ml) 

Rye whiskey, grapefruit and citrus. Nice and easy for those afternoons. 

Stargazer (Single Serve - 170ml) 

Blue stuff, shiny stuff, caffeine and plenty of booze. What's there not to like? 

Bees Knees Chassis (Single Serve - 150ml) 

Like a pisco sour but with a delicious pineapple twist. This cocktail is made with AER. Shake the bottle vigorously before serving.  

Sweet Chin Music (Single Serve - 90ml) 

For the negroni lovers and the fans of Shawn Michaels. Nothing held back. 

Heavy Sugar (Single Serve - 90ml) 

Like an old fashioned but with the kick of a mint julep. Best over lots of crushed ice. 

The Brooklyn (Single Serve - 90ml) 

Like the manhattan but much better.