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Team Building Cocktail Masterclass @ The Spiffy Dapper

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Let your team work together to create a cocktail that everyone will remember. In this fun and interactive experience, each group of five participants will learn how to make three drinks: the first two are a tradition, the third is an improvised cocktail where they must decide on their own ingredients and flavours while working with their teammates to create something memorable. The winning team wins a complimentary cocktail each!

Treat your team to an experience that's sure to be a hit. No matter what they do, they'll learn and laugh while getting to know each other better over some delicious cocktails and snacks. All of our classes can be adapted for teams that have members with dietary restrictions or allergies, so we can cater to the whole team!.

Minimum of 20 participants for a private booking, with flexible timing. If you have lesser participants, consider booking our other cocktail experiences here.